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7th May 2021

In an excellent summary of the past year's events, Dr. Hodkinson says 'This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.'


7th May 2021

In line with the United Nations plan to have every human being ID'd by 2030, we shall be seeing ID creep nearer an implanted microchip, which is the endgame.


First, you agree to your covid 'vaccine passport' so that you can holiday abroad.  You try to download the NHS app and find your details are already on your phone.


Then you find your 'passport' has other details on it, such as link to your medical records, your driving licence.  Data keeps getting added.


You hear that a digital ID is available as a bracelet, so you buy that, thinking that would be handy so that you don't have to get your phone out of your pocket.


Then the government announces you need this ID to get into football matches, the theatre, certain shops.  That's OK as you always have your ID on you and every time you need it to go somewhere, the details of the visit are left on your 'passport' 'ready for next time'.


Soon, this ID becomes indispensable, as it is needed for just about anything you do; go to the hospital, collect a prescription for the pharmacy, even going to the supermarket now.  


You are reminded that you haven't had your 'booster' shot when one day your ID is turned down because you are not up to date with your injections.  


The kind lady at the injection centre tells you that she can offer you a microchip passport, which is injected just under the skin.  it is painless and lasts for ever.  Everyone is having it.  It saves you having to wear that silly bracelet or be in a muddle when you lose your phone.


You mull over the implanted microchip and wonder how so much has changed in just a few years....



6th May 2021

The media is covering “about half the story about vaccine passports and it’s the wrong half,” according to Wayne Rohde, host of the “Right on Point” podcast.

Rohde interviewed Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children's Health Defence, about vaccine passports and their potential to infringe on basic civil liberties. Holland pointed out how Jacobson -v- Massachusetts, the 100-year-old landmark Supreme Court case used to justify vaccine mandates, is being “stretched beyond recognition,” and how some of today’s Supreme Court justices are pushing back.

Rohde and Holland also discussed the United Nations Plan, under the Sustainable Development Goals, of ensuring that every human being has a digital ID by 2030, how tech companies are building vaccine passports platforms designed to track far more than just vaccine status and the potential for vaccine passports to be used to discriminate against healthy people who refuse to get the vaccine.

The full article by Mary Holland on the subject can be read here:


6th May 2021

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer who practices in Germany and the U.S. , famed for his reputation in winning lawsuits, has spent the last six months conducting interviews with medical and scientific staff, other lawyers, financial experts and others, regarding what he terms Crimes Against Humanity.  He has also spearheaded legal action against governments and their advisers in Germany and around the world for fraud and other criminal acts. 


Now, after he and his team have interviewed over 100 experts in their field, Dr. Fuellmich announces that we are about to reach the tipping point.  'They are trying to rush this thing through... so many mistakes are happening...which will warn even those people who are still in line with the government....we have the evidence.   The link to Dr. Fuellmich's video is below:



5th May 2021

The 575 members of the European Parliament (MEP's) voted on vaccine passports last Wednesday.  Despite warnings from doctors and scientists and liability notices from lawyers, only 80 voted against and 40 abstained.  They plan to call it the 'Digital Green Certificate', creating a digital ID detailing health and other personal information and creating a universal system of health check points.  It is expected to become law by June 2021.  In doing so, the citizens of the EU effectively hand over their sovereignty of health and human rights to two private organisations; the W.H.O. and Bill Gates Foundation.  


Coercing citizens to accept an experimental vaccine, still undergoing human trials and never subjected to animal trials, with no full list of ingredients or raw trial data published, is against EU Human Rights, EU Law, the Nuremberg Code and International Criminal Law.  


The United Nations have a plan to introduce digital passports for every human being by called 'vaccine passports' are first step.


5th May 2021

Again, the mainstream media has been playing up the 'disaster' in India from the virus, failing to put it into the context that it has one of the lowest fatalities from Covid per million population in the world.  It has a population of 1.4 billion.   Images have been appearing in the media of bodies lying dead in the street, reminiscent of images from Wuhan over a year ago.  No-one in the Western world has seen dead bodies in the street.  A little investigation reveals that these images were taken years ago.  In one case, three year old images were used after people were intoxicated by a gas leak - nothing to do with the virus.


As for the oxygen situation, it is true that there is an oxygen shortage, but this situation has been ongoing for months, as India has some of the most polluted cities in the world and respiratory illnesses are common. Our neighbour rang a friend in India to confirm the situation.  He said 'it's a load of rubbish'.  Unconfirmed reports also suggest that many of the deaths are due to a huge covid vaccination drive, causing a sudden spike in deaths, as has happened in the UK, Gibraltar, Israel and many other countries, noticeably among older people.  


This is not an isolated incident of the media using old images out of context.  Early in 2020, when the virus was first identified in Britain, news agencies distributed a photograph of a boy around European countries, and the same boy was variously described in the media as 'A Portuguese boy of 14 is Europe's youngest patient to die of Corona' by The Daily Mail.  The Daily Express captioned the same photograph as 'A 13 year old girl from Belgium dies of Corona'.  Another captioned the image as 'A 13 year old from England died of Corona.'   The true explanation was covered in a newspaper dated 22nd May 2017, with the photograph of this boy captioned 'Dad Warns Parents after 13 year old son dies from Blue Whale Suicide 'Game'.  


This should make us think again when seeing reports in the mainstream media.


5th May 2021

For those paying attention, it was always strange that anyone who died 'within 28 days of a positive test' would be classified as having died of the  Covid-19 virus.  Dying with and dying of the virus became the same thing and there were even known cases where someone had died of something completely different - like a car accident - but having once been recorded as testing positive for the virus within the 28 days, they were a virus death.  There were also cases where covid was suspected, although no actual test had been done, and again, these were put down as deaths due to the virus.  Some relatives spoke out, aggrieved that the real cause of death did not appear on the death certificate of their loved ones.  Some demanded an investigation, but to date, no such investigation has been forthcoming.


Now deaths with or of Covid-19 are at the lowest possible levels and although the same thing happened last year, as we went into spring and summer, (and we had no vaccine), the downward trend has been attributed to the efficacy of the vaccine, with over half the population having been vaccinated.  So what happens now when people get a certain type of flu next autumn/winter?  Does this mean the vaccine has failed?  According to a senior member of the government's advisers: 


'If the definition remains the same, these people would be counted as 'vaccine failures', whereas the vaccine prevented death from Covid, but they really died from something else.  I suspect that the current definition will have to be revised at some point.'



4th May 2021

The charity, 'John's Campaign', threatened legal action against the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) over the rules imposed to isolate elderly and vulnerable people in care homes.  The charity said the government rules encouraged care homes to act unlawfully 'falsely imprisoning' residents against their will.  Families described the treatment as 'barbaric'.  Rather than risk a court action, the DHSC backed down and was forced to relax care home regulations.




4th May 2021

Health Canada has halted the use of 300,000 shots of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine after it learned that part of them was manufactured at a Maryland plant in the U.S. that mixed up the ingredients in 15 million doses intended for the U.S. market.  Emergent Biosolutions in Baltimore was cited by the U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) for several violations, including cleaning and sterilisation problems, possible cross-contamination and failure to follow the required protocols.  The FDA ordered the company to stop making vaccines and the 15 million shots were destroyed.  1.1/2 million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine were made at the same facility.



3rd May 2021

Dr. Mike Williams, a Medical Consultant working in private practice, warns that evidence of blood clotting with the use of spike protein-producing vaccines, was available over a decade ago.  New research reveals why the spike protein is part of what causes the death of patients with severe Covid-19. 

Not only can the spike protein cause clots all by itself, that may well be resistant to being broken up, it also looks like it also may alter the blood brain barrier, causing neurological damage.

As if mocking the intelligence of those that still believe in science this, just published - SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage:

"These findings show that the genetically modified mouse together with just a segment of the spike protein can be used to study SARS-CoV-2 lung injury," said Solopov. "We can use this tool to develop a better understanding of how the spike protein causes lung symptoms—even without the intact virus—in order to develop new targets and therapeutics for COVID-19."

Using a newly developed mouse model of acute lung injury, researchers found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to induce COVID-19-like symptoms including severe inflammation of the lungs.

The spike protein alone can be studied whilst it alone is causing lung injury … does that raise any alarm bells within the scientific community?

A recent paper stated clearly that the risk of clotting from a Covid vaccine is far less than if you contract SARS-CoV-2. The message is that taking risk/reward into account, everyone should be vaccinated.

Well, those pushing that narrative failed to take into account that to make that risk/reward calculation, the risk in the Oxford paper has to be multiplied by the risk of actually being (officially) diagnosed with Covid. Once that is done, the risk is much higher for those vaccinated.

The image below demonstrates how successful the current crop of vaccines are at producing spike proteins. The white arrows point to spike proteins on the cell surface following the Astrazeneca vaccine. Those vaccine induced spike proteins were claimed to provoke an immune response to protect life but based on the literature I have referenced, we should now look at them very differently."


Dr. Williams concludes, in his summing up: "Simply put: there is overwhelming evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein [that is also synthetically produced by the Covid vaccines] is a central part of the mechanisms of morbidity and mortality of SARS-CoV-2, and therefore is also a risk of the vaccine. In regard to clotting, that risk is greater if you receive a vaccine.

The data clearly demonstrates that the last thing you would ever want to do, is make a vaccine that produces a spike protein. As the literature clearly showed it would cause significant damage including brain clots and death. And that literature, for the most part was available before the release of Covid vaccines to the public."


3rd May 2021

As Britain records next to no Covid-19, the general public expect the restrictions to be lifted, as promised 'follow the data, not the dates'.  As at 1st May, under 2000 'cases' were recorded, about 1500 hospitalisations with the virus and single figure deaths.  Out of a population of about 67 million.  


Surprisingly, therefore, we hear that local authorities have been giving out multi million pound contracts for 'Covid Marshalls' to be engaged, with contracts lasting until 2023.


Meanwhile, people continue to offer themselves for the experimental vaccines, still in human trials, and the mainstream media keeps very quiet about the long list of harmful effects and deaths following vaccination.  The UK government announces that people will need to prove that they are 60% disabled before they can claim compensation because of the vaccine, limited to £120,000.  The vaccine manufacturers insisted on complete immunity to being sued by injured parties.  A compensation scheme for injuries was already in existence paying £100,000 per claim.  Between 1997 and 2005, there were 35 successful claims.  Already, thousands have died from Covid vaccines.



2nd May 2021

Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University, recently said that the American public had been 'sold' on the Covid-19 vaccines by the information of reducing severe symptoms.  The manufacturers have made no other claims.  'However, Dr. Fauci, the Chief Medical Adviser to the U.S. Administration, is looking at this from the angle of preventing someone from getting infected and spreading it, and the vaccine companies did not provide this information.'  The Chief Scientific Adviser for the W.|H.O. confirms that there is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccines either prevent infection or prevent the spread.


Studies carried out in Israel show that vaccines appear to reduce the spread of the virus by 50-60% but this is not an overnight shutting off of the spread, but a gradual effect.  'People think they can have no restrictions if they get the vaccine, but this is not true' the Professor continued.  'Over half the people getting Covid in the U.S. now are vaccinated.'


In the U.S., we see Republican led States have little or no restrictions but deaths have not surged in these States, nor hospitalisations, showing that lockdowns do not work.  In Texas, where there have been no restrictions for two months, a policy heavily criticised by the Democrat Party, on 20th April 2021 there were 103 so called 'cases' per one million population, and in Michigan, where there is partial lockdown and other restrictions in force, the 'case' numbers are 790 per million.


2nd May 2021

In a bombshell expose of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Adviser to the U.S. Administration, Dr. Martin and his team have released their 200 page dossier on his lies, deceptions and crimes against humanity.  


Some interesting details from the dossier include:


-The imposition of social distancing was based on computer simulation and environmental models with no disease transmission evidence whatsoever.


- The imposition of facemask wearing was directly against controlled clinical trial evidence and against the written policy in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 'Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that facemasks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.'

(Note: Dr. Fauci was himself co-author of a study into the 1918/19 pandemic which concluded that most victims died of facemask wearing because it fostered bronchial pneumonia and not of the virus).


- In the Imperial College, London simulation, quarantines were modelled for the sick, not the healthy.


The authors of the dossier also note that insisting on vaccines while blockading the emergency use of proven pharmaceutical interventions may have contributed to the death of many patients and otherwise healthy individuals.

(Note: it is well known by many doctors and scientists that tried and tested cheap medicines like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were suppressed and outlawed, which could have saved countless, if not, some claim, most lives of virus patients.)



1st May 2021

A group of immunologists-virologists from 7 universities in the U.S. are suing the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for fraud. The scientists claim that there is no evidence of any Covid-19 virus. They were unable to detect any COVID-19 virus in any of the 1500 "positive" PCR test cases analysed.

They found only Influenza A and B.

One of the scientists, Dr. Derek Knauss said: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive COVID-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO COVID in any of the 1500 samples. "

Koch's postulates is a way of saying the organism has been isolated and identified… and proved to be the cause of the disease.

"The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated and purified sample of COVID-19," says Knauss. "If they can’t or won’t, then I say there is no COVID-19. It’s fictional… most of the 225,000 (US) deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died."



1st May 2021

Hugh Osmond, the owner of Pizza Express, and Sacha Lord, a nightclub owners, are suing Matthew Hancock in the High Court over unlawful closure of their businesses.  The case went before Mr. Justice Swift earlier this month.  The Government had tried to delay the case, but a previous judge approved the businessmen's request to expedite the Hearing.


The basis of the complaint was that non-essential shops were allowed to open before pubs and restaurants.  'In a democracy, evidence and rationality should still matter, and so too should transparency, challenge and accountability' Hugh Osmond said.  'The Government has been given an easy ride in Parliament with the official opposition being nowhere to be seen.  This has led to arbitrariness, randomness and a complete lack of logic in the rules, and we're starting to see it being accompanied by something even more sinister; an arrogance and a sense that ministers are above scrutiny.'