More experts speaking out

CDC chief having doubts about another Pfizer shot?

The world has been targeted by an evil cabal and authorities and public bodies everywhere have been complicit

Australian police violating human rights

FOI request reveals UK deaths from covid vax are 407% higher than all vaxes combined in past 21 years

PCR test to be withdrawn in the US

Population reduction is nothing new...

Blood analysis of the vaxed shows oxygen depletion

PHE briefing: Vaxed have higher number of covid deaths than unvaxed

NHS looking to order huge quantities of anti coagulant drugs

European study: Young people twice as likely to die from AZ jab as from virus

One person in hospital shuts down South Australia

'Vaccine' Passports: Litany of Government Ministers lying

UK Aluminium expert upsets Vax makers

More pilots die after vax

Israeli Health Ministry secretive and misleading over Pfizer vax

5222 deaths within 28 days of Vax in Scotland

Sir Patrick Vallence says 60% of hospitalised covid patients double jabbed, then backtracks

U.S. adverse reactions Whistleblower says 45,000 died within 3 days

Cancelled by Facebook for telling truth about masks

More people with infections have been vaxed

Third wave of Covid will hospitalise or kill the double jabbed

Chief scientist of the W.H.O. warns of 'chaos' of mixing vaxes

Major oil and gas companies apparently considering succession planning

Care home staff and visitors forced to get vaxed

Australian Defence Force authorised to supply or administer poison

Double vaxed people getting covid and being hospitalised

Spanish court rules lockdown was unconstitutional

Zoo give covid jabs to their animals

Doctor punished for speaking about vax side effects

UK Lawyer serves notices of liability on Covid Vaccinators

EU records 17,603 deaths from covid vaxes

New Zealand and Australian hospitals have children with respiratory infections

Study on electromagnetism of vaccinated persons in Luxembourg

18 year old dies after first Astra Zeneca shot

Spanish study discovers Pfizer Vax is 99.9% graphene oxide

Graphene in masks, PCR tests and Covid injections

Biden Administration sending 'Vax' squads door to door

Health Canada issues warning about masks: Could cause catastrophic lung damage

Australia injects wrong vax in children. Health Minister says 'So what?'

60% of American Doctors not fully vaxed: new survey shows

France pushing mandatory vax of all 24 - 59 year olds

UK Government told Covid vaccines unsafe for humans

Gov. ordered rapid antibody tests that did not work - More corruption exposed by Good Law Project

High Court finds Michael Gove & Government guilty of corruption

Norway to pay compensation for AZ vaccine injury

Former UK GP has NHS licence suspended and fights back

Med journal warns about devastating consequences of masks

The story of Midazolam

Canadians asked to snitch on the 'unvaxed'

Heavily vaxed Israel seeing rise in respiratory disease

Australia: Medical surveillance state?

US Food & Drug Administration warns of heart problems after mRNA Vax

Preliminary findings of mRNA Covid-19 vaccine safety in pregnant persons

New study of children wearing masks: Averse effects in minutes

EU Privacy Watchdogs call for blanket ban on public surveillance

Popular U.S. newscaster spied on by Biden Administration

Another purpose of lockdown: Stop people spreading false information


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29th July 2021

Dr. Christian Peron used to control the French vaccination policy.  He is a former member of the European Group advising the W.H.O.  Now in an interview with ukcolumn.org he states that the Covid-19 shots are not vaccines.  He says that mRNA injections are dangerous.  The so-called variants are not dangerous, but less virulent.  Dr. Peron says that those who have accepted the injections are at risk and dangerous to others. 


You can see the interview and/or the transcript on




We are shortly wrapping up these posts.  Our final ones will include a round up of what we know, what we don't know and what you can do about it.  A list of possible sources of information will also be provided. 



29th July 2021

Israel was the first country to mass inoculate its population with only the Pfizer shot.  It was the guinea pig country and its agreement with Pfizer is a State secret.  Now it is apparent that those injected are not as 'protected' from the virus as was assumed.  The answer to this decrease in effectiveness?  Another Pfizer shot, using the excuse of the 'Delta' variant.  However America's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are hesitant, with the Deputy Director of the CDC, Jay Butler, publicly stating '...without sufficient information, experts cannot easily recommend booster shots because of side effects.'  He is suggesting the CDC would need to know how severe the side effects might be.....



28th July 2021

After huge turnouts of freedom protesters in Sydney, Australia and other cities around the world last weekend, New South Wales Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, has issued a threat that police will arrest anyone who takes part in a future protest.  


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights:


Article 20:


1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.


The population of Australia is 25.8 million.  Yesterday, there were two deaths allegedly from Covid-19.  


28th July 2021

Dr. David Martin, an American scholar, inventor and expert on Patent Law, has been trying to get the truth out for 20 months but has been stonewalled by politicians, the Justice Departments, the Health Authorities, the legal Profession, the medical profession and the mainstream media.  He says there is no virus.  There was no escape from the Wuhan Laboratory in China. It was all a set up to get people to accept injections of an experimental kind.  He has the proof.


Dr. Martin charts the progress of the plot, with all the back-up evidence, including the 73 patents filed in 2002 for the Covid gene sequence and variants.  He reveals how the Chief Medical Adviser to the U.S. Administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, colluded with the Chinese to bring the hoax to life, being the go-between to get the computer generated spike protein from the Chinese laboratory to Moderna in November 2019 and then to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  And this happened before the Covid-19 virus was even discovered.  


The UK medical journal, The Lancet, printed a statement from China on 24th January 2020 '...By January 2nd 2020, 41 admitted hospital patients had been identified as having laboratory confirmed cases of Covid 19 infection.'


The virus was not identified or named until two weeks later....


Dr. Martin's website is davidmartin.world



27th July 2021

A Freedom of Information request (FOI) from Mr. Duncan Husband to the MHRA showed that deaths due to the Covid-19 inoculations in the UK after 6 months are 407% higher than deaths from all other vaccines combined in the past 21 years.


The Pediacel vaccine between December 2000 and June 2021 reported 15 deaths and 1152 adverse events.


The rabies vaccine, between February 1973 and 29th June 2021 reported one death and 769 adverse events.


The pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine had 38 deaths reports and 2583 adverse events.  


Between December 2020 and June 2021 the Covid-19 injections have had 1440 deaths reported and 1,037,376 adverse events.  


It is inconceivable that these injections have not yet been withdrawn pending a full investigation.



27th July 2021

America's Center for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) has just announced that it will no longer use the controversial PCR test to detect Covid19 virus after 31st December 2021.  It has been a long time coming, as the W.H.O. was forced to retreat on its position on the use of PCR testing in January 2021, when it qualified its recommendation on its use as a diagnostic tool, warning about cycle thresholds used and relying on it without a physician's observations.


The Chief Medical Adviser to the American Administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, famously said in November 2020 about the use of the PCR:

'What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard...if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more...the chances of it being replication-confident are miniscule...so I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you go to say, you know, it's just dead nucleotides, period.'


Testing laboratories routinely use cycle thresholds far higher, thus making the PCR 'test' unlikely to be accurate.



26th July 2021

In a 1981 memoir, allegedly written by Jacques Attali, a former French politician and advisor to President Mitterand, and member of the Bilderberg group, he said:


'The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population...of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps.  We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good...We will find or cause something, a pandemic, targeting certain people,a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn't matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it.  The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated.  We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.  The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.'



26th July 2021

UK doctor Philippe Van Wellbergen heard from many of his patients that they felt fatigued and unwell after Covid-19 injections and he wanted to know why.  He carried out blood analysis using microscopy and discovered that it showed oxygen deprivation.  The cells were clumped together and tubular shapes appeared that looked like the graphene oxide identified by researchers in Spain (laquintacolumna).


Another odd feature of Dr. Wellbergen's analysis of patients' blood was that there appeared to be white dots which lit up under fluorescent light.  



25th July 2021

Public Health England (PHE) in its latest briefing 23rd July 2021, revealed that out of 121,402 positive 'cases', there were 165 deaths amongst the unvaccinated.  This represents a case fatality rate of 0.04%.


Out of 107,816 positive 'cases', there were 295 deaths amongst the vaccinated, which is a case fatality rate of 0.27%.


This data is to be found on pages 18 and 19 of the briefing and applies to the period 1st February - 19th July 2021.  Covid deaths are those that occur within 28 days of a positive test.



25th July 2021

Framework Agreement for the supply of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOAC's) for the NHS in England.  Period of Framework 01/11/2021 - 31/04/2024 with an option to extend (at the Authority's discretion for a further period (or periods) up to a total of 12 months....


Notice type: opportunity

Notice Status: open

Closing: 3 September 2021. 1pm

Contract location: England

Contract value: £3,185,000,000

Publication date: 22 July 2021




Atamis Ref No. C40079

Contact name: Gero LoManto



24th July 2021

The UK Government agency, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which is responsible for enforcement and regulation of health and safety in the workplace, has admitted that people between the ages of 18 - 39 face a greater risk of blood clots after the Astra Zeneca jab.  


A new Study published in the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's (ECDC) medical journal, concludes that the dangers of  Covid-19 vaccination are greater than the benefits.  Published in the weekly edition of Eurosurveillance Journal, it modelled four months of vaccine distribution strategy in France with Astra Zeneca from May 2021.  Its conclusion was that using the Astra Zeneca injection on the entire adult population would avert 10 deaths among 18-39 year olds from Covid-19, but would be associated with 21 deaths from blood clots in the same age group during the same timeframe.


The data from this study was used by government bodies across Europe to warn that only the elderly should have the Astra Zeneca jab because of the 'very rare' risk of blood clots, and their assumed higher risk of suffering severe infection compared to younger people.  However, several countries, including Ireland, have still pushed younger people to have the Astra Zeneca jab in their rush to get everyone injected, despite known risks.



24th July 2021

When 216 people had a meal in Adelaide, South Australia on the weekend 17th18th July, one person testing positive for Covid-19 and ending up in hospital caused all those others, together with their families, to be forced into supervised quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.  The State's Chief Public Health Officer, Nicola Supurier, said the measures were needed because the two restaurants involved were super spreader sites and it was assumed there would be further cases from them.  This was based on the assumption that they were all at high risk of testing positive.  


The hospitalised individual was in a general ward, not in Intensive Care.  To date, there have been four alleged deaths from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.  


A brother and sister in their 20's, who had had a meal with their family at Tenafeate Creek Wines restaurant, were at one of the affected sites, and they became the latest positive cases in South Australia on Thursday 22nd July.  This made a total of 14 testing positive out of all those who had been quarantined, making a total number of 25 'active cases'.  Every 24 hours, up to 25,000 people are tested in South Australia. 


Under State laws, those in quarantine must not leave their room, except for an emergency and no other person must enter the room.  When food is delivered, there must be a wait of at least three minutes after delivery before opening the door to collect it.  A mask must also be worn when collecting food from outside the door.  These supervised quarantine quarters are known as 'medi hotels'.


In a televised address, Australians have been told by the government authorities that they must not talk to anyone while out and about in order to 'stay safe'.



23rd July 2021

Even when these public statements by UK Government ministers were made, the Government had already made plans to introduce so called domestic and travel 'vaccine' passports.


Next stage, passport needed to buy groceries, go to the doctors' surgery and go to your bank?


Covid-19 injections are not claimed to stop you getting the virus or passing it on.  Public Health England recently reported that 60% of hospitalised Covid patients are  double jabbed.


The following video was compiled by BigBrotherWatch.  How long will it appear on YouTube?





23rd July 2021

As of the end of August 2021, Keele University in Stafford has terminated the work of Professor Christopher Exley and his research team.  Prof. Exley is the world's leading authority on aluminium after making it his life's work for 35 years.  On hearing the news, he emailed his contacts 'Thank you for your collaboration, support and friendship over many years.  I hope that my leaving the building will not be a carte blanche for the aluminium industry to further pollute our world with their products and without redress.'


Prof. Exley's work included a number of papers explaining how the use of aluminium in vaccinations may be responsible for neurological brain disorders in children.  He and his team had a unique opportunity to examine brain tissue in individuals who had died, having been previously diagnosed with autism.  This was done with permission of parents or nearest relatives and the results showed that the brain tissue containing extremely high levels of aluminium.  A video was released on 29th November 2017, explaining the findings. Exley stated 'We were able to...measure how much aluminium was in the brain in individuals who had died with autism, and we also were able to look at the aluminium in the tissue using a microscopy technique called fluorescence.  The amount of aluminium in the brain tissue was, I would say, extremely high.'



22nd July 2021

The latest group of pilots to die following the Covid-19 injections are from Jet Blue Airlines.  The ages of the five pilots ranged from 31 - 60 years and the youngest, his company said, had died of end stage cancer.  However, all had been actively flying at the time, and so a diagnosis of end stage cancer would have abruptly ended the pilot's career.  It is also highly unlikely that given the high level of fitness and regular health checks that pilots need to have that a cancer would have gone undetected until the end stage.  Another working pilot came forward with this information, very troubled by the coercion to get vaccinated experienced by himself and his colleagues.  He cited the Nuremberg Code that should protect employees from such pressure.  The head of the United Airline Pilots Association, Capt. Tod Insler, allegedly disparages anyone who asks questions. 


Airlines now have a 48 hour 'no fly' period following Covid-19 jabs, but not all deaths following injection occur within this short window of time.  There has been talk of the dangers of flying by those vaccinated, with increased risk of blood clots, but not much attention paid to airline staff who run a far greater risk.  It would appear inexplicable that airlines would demand that pilots were inoculated for Covid-19, when they spend most of their working time isolated in the cockpit and the need for them to be healthy carries such a heavy burden of responsibility.


Deaths of pilots in similar circumstances have also been reported at British Airways and Delta Airlines, and perhaps others, but there is a concerted effort to keep these quiet.



22nd July 2021

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein and Moshe Feiglin are part of the Israeli People's Committee, which was set up to monitor and publicly report on the number of adverse effects, including deaths, following the Pfizer injection.  The agreement between the Israeli Health Ministry and Pfizer in December 2020 is highly redacted and the supply agreement has never been released for public scrutiny.  The Government's Coronavirus Committee protocols have been classified as State Secrets and, as such, will not be made public for 30 years.  The Government claimed that the U.S. Food and Drug Agency's (FDA) Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) was sufficient and they did not carry out their own approval procedure, which is against Israeli Laws.  The authorities also wrongly told citizens that the injections were FDA approved and ran an aggressive public marketing campaign, with no informed consent.  There was no information on possible adverse effects or risks, including for pregnant women.  The Israeli authorities did not set up any reporting platform for adverse effects from the Pfizer injections, and individuals were reporting their adverse reactions on social media.  Now, the authorities are pushing children 12 - 15 to have these injections.


The Israel Government have been indicted for Crimes Against Humanity in the International Criminal Court.  Many other governments, including the UK, have also been indicted.



21st July 2021

Public Health Scotland now has so many Freedom of information (FOI) requests, that it has stopped answering them individually and instead has been reporting on their website periodically. 


Between 8th December 2020 and 11th June 2021, there have been 5522 deaths within 28 days of having a Covid-19 injection.  The breakdown is 2643 after Astra Zeneca, 1877 after Pfizer and 2 after Moderna.  

This equates to an average of 920 deaths occurring every month due to the Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland alone, outnumbering the average number of people who have died of Covid-19 in Scotland by 866 per month. (i.e. an average of 54 deaths per month from Covid and an average of 920 deaths per month from the Covid injections)



21st July 2021

In a televised public address, Sir Patrick Vallence, Chief Scientific Officer to the UK government, said that 60% of hospitalised Covid patients had been double jabbed.  He explained that this was because the vaccines were not 100% effective and then repeated that the injections were 'less than 100%'.


Later, on Twitter, he tried to retract his statement by turning things around and saying that 60% of those in hospital with the virus were unvaxed.  



20th July 2021

Thomas Renz, an attorney from Ohio, started a lawsuit against the Federal Government for covering up the true numbers of deaths following a Covid-19 injection.  


An insider with the VAERS department (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) who is referred to as Jane Doe, has seen information from eleven reporting systems across America on VAERS.  She has given a sworn Affidavit with her claims that one of these systems alone reported 45,000 deaths within three days of having the jab.


The attorney said that this lawsuit would not be reported by the mainstream media and would likely be censored by Big Tech like YouTube, Facebook and Google.  Renz said these Big Tech giants are 'complicit in causing death.'  He is suiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to halt vaccinations on children 15 and younger.  He is backed by Americas Frontline Doctors, who are against the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) because there are 'no long term studies on the impact on adults, much less children.'



20th July 2021

Justin Hart is Chief Data Analyst for a website called RationalGround.  He has been 'identified' by Twitter as an anti-mask activist.  He recently posted a graphic on Facebook entitled 'Masking Children is Impractical and Not Backed by Research or Real World Data'.  Facebook suspended his account.  Hart's lawyers at the Liberty Justice Centre sent a warning letter to Facebook, pointing out that the graphic was 'science based and contains footnotes to scientific evidence supporting its claims.  Facebook issued a 3 day suspension on the grounds the post was misinformation.  The page remains live but the post has been removed.


Hart's argument is similar to one made by University of California San Francisco epidemiologist, Vinay Prasad, who said 'No one has any clue 'if the benefits of masking children outweigh the risks' in his article in MedPageToday.  'During the last year and a half, the scientific community has failed to answer these questions.  Failed entirely.'



19th July 2021

Professor Tim Spector was recently interviewed on Spectator TV.  Prof. Spector is the scientist who runs the Zoe App, which is a self reporting symptoms App for Covid 19.  He took government money to get his App off the ground and has admitted previously that there are certain things he is not allowed to say publicly.


In the interview he said 'We are crossing over into having more people with infections having had a vaccine that unvaccinated for the first time....The idea that the vaccine is a complete cure for the disease has to be re-evaluated.  Having said that, it's much milder...I am not really worried about deaths as the main outcome.'  The Professor went on to describe the symptoms most are getting now as a runny nose, sneezing, perhaps a headache...he was describing what most  people experience when having a cold.


Surprisingly, after saying that most people getting Covid-19 now have been jabbed, he goes to to recommend the injections.


When asked whether he agrees with relaxation of restrictions, he replied 'You can't keep treating people like sheep...There has to come a time when you can't keep people locked up....'



19th July 2021

The UK Government's Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, Operational (known as SPI-M-O), has done modelling of the impact the injections will have on hospitalisations, infections and deaths.  The Paper the Committee produced suggests that resurgence in hospitalisations and deaths will be dominated by the double jabbed.  They suggest this group will make up 60-70% of those affected and project that another 'wave' of Covid-19 is inevitable.  


The Committee note that 'maintaining a large reduction in transmission from such measures after Step 4 (the last stage in the re opening of society), is almost certain to reduce the size of the subsequent resurgence.  


As soon as SPI-M-O made their model public, factcheckers tried to downplay the quoted 60-70% of the double vaxed dominating the third wave.



18th July 2021

Chief Scientist of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, recently warned of 'chaos' if individuals mix Covid vaccinations, as the data on studies into combining vaccinations is still awaited, although she says that Health Authorities can make a decision on it.  'It's a little bit of a dangerous trend here...it will be a chaotic situation in countries if citizens start deciding when and who will be taking (mixing) a second, a third and a fourth dose.'  


It is unclear what Dr. Swaminathan means by this statement.  She says that 'mixing vaccines is a data free zone' whilst appearing to blame individuals if they take different makes of injections.  Then she appears to say that only countries' Health Authorities can make this decision.  Is she shifting blame for adverse effects onto those who agree to be jabbed or onto Health Authorities, whilst leaving the W.H.O. blameless because she has warned about it?



18th July 2021

According to a whistleblower in the oil and gas industry working in Human Resources, major oil and gas companies are currently mulling over Succession Planning, which is the lining up of suitable candidates to take over senior management jobs, should the incumbents need to be replaced because of serious illness or death.  Inoculation status is apparently being red flagged for those who have accepted the Covid injections, with plans being in place to replace them within three years.


The claims cannot be substantiated at the present time, but the timeline for the Succession Planning is interesting when considered alongside alleged plans in parts of the UK to put out to tender emergency storage of dead bodies in the event of excess deaths over the next three years.



17th July 2021

On the Western Australia website (wa.gov.au) there is a document headed Public Health Act 2016 (W) Instrument of Authorisation Australian Defence Force. Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison - Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19) Vaccination - Australian Defence Force (No. 2) 2021


The document is dated 10th March 2021 and issued by Dr. Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer.


This document authorises these officers to administer the poison, aka the COVID-19 vaccine. It says under column two under functions – receive, possess and supply the SARS-COV-2 COVID-19 vaccine to residential aged care and to disability facilities. Administer the SARS-COV-2 COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff at the premises to which the vaccines have been supplied in accordance with the Australian COVID-19 vaccination policy. Conditions, limitations or restrictions. Authorised officers must ensure that each administration event on the Australian immunisation register is recorded. Ensure that any adverse events following immunisation is recorded for the surveillance system. Carry out the functions in line with the requirements for supply and administration of schedule four medicines in the Medicines and Poisons Act 2014 and the Medicines and Poisons Regulations 2016 to the extent that they are consistent with the authorization.


Another of the Australian States - Victoria - has just mobilised the Australian Defence Force to carry out similar duties there, again in care homes and disability facilities.  


17th July 2021

The UK Parliament this week voted to make Covid vaccination mandatory for all care home staff, residents' family members and all visiting trades people and suppliers.  The debate, which was swiftly dealt with, ended with a majority of MP's voting in favour of a measure against UK Law, International Law and the Nuremberg Code.  


The Covid inoculations are unlicensed, with emergency authorisation only, no animal trials have been done and human trials are continuing until 2023.  The manufacturers have never released the raw data from the trials to date, nor have they issued a full list of ingredients.  Parliament has acted like Nazi Germany in forcing experimental medicines on human subjects who are unable to give informed consent, because the information is not available.  There is no claim or evidence that the jabs prevent the recipient from getting the virus or from passing it on.  


The only MP to speak up for Care Home Workers and visitors was Sir Christopher Chope, a former barrister, representing Christchurch and East Dorset.



16th July 2021

The Constitutional Court ruled that Spain's government was not legally able to issue a strict lockdown order last spring.  The lawsuit was brought by Spain's Vox Party, whose leader, Santiago Abascal, called for the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to resign.


'We cannot celebrate the decision because we have proof that the government was willing to break the law and tarnish the constitution', Santiago Abascal said in a statement.


Six out of eleven of the Court's judges ruled that the 14th March 2020 decree that introduced the State of Health Emergency was 'unconstitutional and void'.


During the first lockdown, people were only allowed to go outside alone to buy essential supplies, medicines, go to work, get medical treatment or assist a dependent.  This lasted for 98 days before the movement restrictions were lifted.  During the first 42 days, people could not even go out for exercise.  Fines imposed by police for breaking lockdown restrictions were cancelled as a result of the Court ruling.


16th July 2021

All over the UK, and elsewhere in the world, there are cases of those who have received one or two injections of Covid-19 vaccination, ending up in hospital.  


The Chief Nurse of York and Scarborough Hospitals warns that the 15 patients currently severely ill with Covid-19, have been 'fully vaccinated'.  Last month, the hospitals reported no Covid patients.


The manufacturers of the vaccines claim only that their products reduce symptoms and have never claimed that they stop people from contracting or spreading the virus.



15th July 2021

First, covid jabs were given to humans, now they are being given to animals, whilst still under emergency usage.  Oakland and Denver zoos are using donated vaccines to give to animals like bears, gorillas, tigers and mountain lions.  No animal has been proven to transmit covid to humans.  


The Vice President of Veterinary Services at Oakland zoo said they were vaccinating animals out of an 'abundance of caution.'  Denver zoo wants to jab about 100 animals.

It is not known whether the injections will be the same as the ones for humans



15th July 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe has been a family doctor for 28 years, practicing in the small town of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada.  When Dr. Hoffe started to raise the alarm about adverse effects following the injection, the local Health Authority put a gagging order on him.  Bravely, he took no notice and continued to talk about his concerns.  He carried out D-Dimer tests on all his patients after they had the inoculation, and discovered 62% of them already had small blood clots.  


Dr. Hoffe was then removed from hospital duties, which meant that his income was halved.  He is able to continue his private practice because the local Health Authority does not have jurisdiction over it.  He describes the loss of income as the price he has to pay for looking after his patients.



14th July 2021

From the start of the inoculation campaign until 3rd July, 2021, a period of about 6 months or so, the EU has recorded 17,603 deaths and 1.7 million injuries, half of them serious.  The Eudravigilance website is a passive recording site for the 27 countries in the European Union run by the European Medicine Agency.  It is the equivalent of the 'Yellow Card' website in the UK.  Only a fraction of the actual number of events gets recorded.


'Seriousness provides inoculations information on the suspected undesirable effect.  It can be classified as 'serious' if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition or prolonging of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.'


14th July 2021

Those who administer shots without obtaining full informed consent, which must be freely given under the Nuremberg Code, UK and International Law, are responsible in a personal capacity.  UK lawyer Anna de Buisseret, announced recently that she had served the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, with such a Notice.  She has also served Legal Liability Notices of those administering jabs at Vaccination Centres.


Ms. de Buisseret said 'Covid jabs are experimental and still in Phase 3 Clinical Trials. The Nuremberg Code applies.  The injector must obtain the individual's fully informed consent, freely given.  All material risks must be made clear to them and an individual risk assessment conducted.'


The Medicines Regulatory Agency, MHRA, runs the 'Yellow Card' website reporting deaths and injuries from Covid-19 injections.  From the start of the inoculation campaign up to the latest reporting date, a period of about 7 months, 1,440 deaths and 1,037,376 adverse events have been reported, which is officially estimated to be only 10% or less of the true number.  You can see an analysis of the data on https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports


Many physicians have spoken publicly about studies showing those with natural immunity will see greater risks of adverse reactions.  



13th July 2021

Both New Zealand and Australia are seeing more than usual children hospitalised for a respiratory disorder called Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).  Some of the children are very young and have to be given oxygen.  This is nothing to do with Covid-19 but an infection that occurs in the very young and very old during wintertime.  New Zealand has had about 1000 cases in the last five weeks, when numbers are typically 1743 over the whole 29 week winter season.  


Doctors are blaming this on lockdowns, masks and constant hand washing, which has deprived children of the usual development of natural immunity to viruses.  They call this 'immunity debt' so that when normal development has been stifled,it eventually results in worse infections when the child resumes normal interactions.  In a study published in May 2021 on Immunity Debt, French researchers concluded '..if bacterial and viral infections aren't circulating among children, they don't develop immunity, which leads to larger outbreaks down the line.'


This phenomenon is also being seen in Israel, where it is currently summer, and no doubt in other countries, too.



13th July 2021

The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) is an independent group with members from 25 European countries.  They set out to confirm anecdotal evidence of magnetic properties in those vaccinated with Covid-19 shots, using volunteers who lived in Luxembourg.


EFVV had hoped to find a total of 200 participants for their study, split evenly between vaccinated and unvaccinated, men and women.  However in the event, they had only 60 participants in total. The 30 unvaccinated individuals were soon discounted, as none had magnetic properties.  Of the vaccinated group, 29 of the 30 showed attraction to a magnet, with those who had had two shots being more magnetic than those who had one dose, and the earlier the inoculation was done, the more magnetic.  Only magnetism at the site of the injection on the shoulder and on the opposite shoulder was tested.  There are many anecdotal reports of vaccinated individuals being able to stick magnets to any part of the body and other larger metal objects such as cutlery and scissors sticking to them.


It was also discovered that vaccinated people emitted an electro magnetic field, which became stronger as more time elapsed since their last shot.  The participants had received injections from any one of the four pharmaceutical companies given emergency authorisation for their vaccines: Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  Many of the participants became extremely upset and disorientated during the study, so that it had to be terminated for ethical reasons.  They were petrified when they realised they had been injected with a substance they knew nothing about and that it was not reversible.  They were advised to question the doctors who  had recommended and administered the shots.  It is also up the Government and Health and Medicine Regulatory Agencies to have a full investigation and to answer these questions.


The study was published on the EFVV website on 14th June 2021 and the link to it is below:





12th July 2021

An Italian teenager, Camilla Canepa, died on 14th June 2021 after a single Astra Zeneca shot. The surgeon, Dr. Gianluigi Zona, Head of Genoa's San Martino General Hospital Neurosurgery and Brain Trauma Unit, said Camilla had major blood clotting in her brain and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.  The surgeon said he had 'never seen a brain reduced in these settings by a thrombosis so extensive and so serious.  All the venous sinuses were blocked by thrombus (blood clots), a scenario which I have never seen in all my years in this profession.'


On 25th May, 2021, Camilla was given an Astra Zeneca shot at a vaccination 'open day' for young people over 18.  These were organised in the evenings and weekends and apparently were to use up shots meant for older people who rejected them and cancelled their appointments.  On 3rd June, she went to hospital with 'terrible headaches' but a CT scan did not reveal blood clots.  After her second scan on 5th June, she was moved immediately to San Martino hospital.  Italy has now banned the use of Astra Zeneca jabs for those under 60, as a result of outrage over Camilla's death.


In March 2021, Italy and several other European countries temporarily banned the Astra Zeneca shot because of blood clot concerns, particularly in young people.  However, its use was resumed the following month, with a recommendation that it should be used ideally on the over 60's age group.



12th July 2021

Professor Dr. Pablo Campra is a Doctor of Chemical Science and Bachelor of Biological Sciences at the University of Almeria, Spain.  He led a team of researchers calling themselves LaQuintaColumna and produced a scientific report based on their analysis of a sealed vial of the Pfizer inoculation with an expiry date of August 2021.  The report is entitled 'Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension Observational Study in Optical and Electron Microscopy' Interim Report 28th June 2021.  The finding were that the vial did contain RNA, but the majority of the content was Graphene Oxide.  The declared limitations of the study are the chain of custody of the Pfizer vial.


A paper entitled 'Toxicity of Graphene Family Nanoparticals: a General Review of Origins and Mechanisms' reveals that graphene causes oxidative stress and destroys cells with a particular affinity for the lungs, heart and brain.  


Pharmaceutical companies are now making an inhalant version of the Covid-19 inoculation.  The symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to the the known effects of graphene oxide on humans.


The following is a link to an interview with Dr. Jane Ruby and Health Economist and Pharmaceutical Researcher where she discusses the findings of the LaQuintaColumna Study:




The Spanish researchers website is: laquintacolumna.net



11th July 2021

In 2013, the European Union launched two projects: The Human Brain Project (HBP) and the Graphene Flagship (GF).  Commercialisation of graphene has occurred over the last few years and a project called Graphene and 2D Materials Eureka Cluster sought EU funding.  The idea behind GF was to get graphene innovation into commercial applications and this has succeeded with the use of graphene in medicine the most popular application in 2020.


A group of Spanish researchers calling themselves LaQuintaColumna, led by Professor Dr. Pablo Campra, have discovered that graphene is used in masks, PCR test swabs and the Covid-19 inoculations.  Symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning include bilateral pneumonia, thrombogenicity, blood clots, multi organ inflammations, immune system disorders, cytokine storm.  Inhaled graphene causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and possible loss of taste and smell.  Another effect of graphene is magnetism.


La Quinta Columna claims that before 2020, people had already been magnetised by graphene in seasonal flu vaccines.  


Graphene can be flushed out of the body by a natural enzyme in our blood, myeloperoxidase.


The research website is:





11th July 2021

In the last couple of days, the U.S. Administration Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, confirmed that teams of government officials will be going neighbourhood to neighbourhood, door to door, with lists of those unvaccinated for Covid-19.  There has been push back from Americans, particularly Republicans, who statistically have been less keen to accept the injection, which has not been licensed, but which has emergency authorisation whilst still undergoing trials.


In response, Psaki said 'knocking on a door has never been against the law...because if you haven't been vaccinated, we can help dispel some of those rumours you've heard and hopefully get you vaccinated.'



10th July 2021

Health Canada recently issued a warning about certain common types of 'surgical' masks which are coated with graphene, which can cause severe lung damage.  Following the latest scientific evidence, they warn Canadians not to use these types of masks because of inhaling the graphene nanoparticles that coats them, which damages lung tissue in a similar way to inhaling asbestos.  Mask manufacturers have been coating them with graphene because it is thought to be antiviral and antibacterial.


Countless studies over many years have shown that all masks are problematic when worn for any length of time, because they reduce oxygen intake and trap pathogens in the mouth and throat making infections more likely, and the mask itself harbours pathogens . Studies into cause of death during the 1918/1919 'Spanish' Flu outbreak showed that most of the victims died of bronchial pneumonia caused by mask wearing, rather than the virus itself.  One of the authors of such a study was Dr. Anthony Fauci, Medical Adviser to the Biden Administration (and before Biden, the Trump Administration also).  He famously changed his tune on the subject of mask wearing from 'they don't do anything and can be dangerous' to 'why not wear two!  You know it makes sense.'



10th July 2021

163 children in New South Wales, Australia, were injected with the wrong vaccine.  At a televised press conference, when asked about the incident, the Health Minister said '..you know what? ...it was a mistake. So what?  It's happened. Move on.'  He then walked off.



9th July 2021

Far fewer of the population of France have voluntarily had the Covid-19 shots than is the case in the UK.  About 50% of the 50-64 age group have been vaxed and less than 25% of those aged 30 - 49.


The French government is considering a push to get far more people vaxed on the grounds that it could significantly lower hospitalisations and deaths, despite there being no evidence that the injections do this.  One proposal is that lists of unvaxed people would be given to doctors, who would then pressurise their patients into 'staying safe' against the Delta variant.  In the extreme, it is being mooted that someone who refuses the injections would be confined to their home indefinitely.


Attempts to introduce a domestic Covid passport and prevent those not jabbed from accessing public transport and public places was met with fierce opposition and was dropped, as happened in the UK.  


Forced or coerced vaccination or testing is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, the first statement of which is 'The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.'  The Nuremberg Code was drawn up and agreed by all Western countries after the trials of medical doctors who experimented on humans during WWII and condemned to death for Crimes Against Humanity.


9th July 2021

In an online survey of 700 doctors by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60% of respondents said they had not had two Covid-19 inoculations.


80% of those not fully vaxed agreed with the statement 'I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease'. 30% of this group claimed they had already had the Covid virus.  Other reasons to decline the jab included unknown long term effects, use of aborted foetal tissue, 'it's experimental', availability of effective early treatments and reports of deaths and blood clots. 


The survey revealed that 54% of all the respondents were aware of patients suffering 'significant adverse reactions'.



8th July 2021

Last week, The Sunday Times published emails showing that Health Minister Lord Bethell held a 'private meeting' with Abingdon Health on 1st April 2020, shortly before his department awarded them a contract worth £75million for rapid antibody tests which “were not fit for purpose”.


The Government says that they did not include this meeting in their transparency data on account of an “admin error” but Good Law Project argue that the updated list of meetings also fails to show a meeting between Abingdon Health and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.


Good Law Project are going to the High Court to challenge the award of this contract that “has been shrouded in mystery since the very beginning”. The case is due to be heard later this month.


8th July 2021

Evidence based Medical Consulting Group, led by Dr. Tess Laurie, teamed up with other scientists to assess government data from the UK and other countries and concluded that the Covid-19 vaccines were 'unsafe for humans' and should be immediately withdrawn.


The study was conducted from all the main health and medicine regulatory bodies in several countries, and the report declares unequivocally, that based on the data they are seeing of the deaths and injuries resulting from the Sars-COV2 COVID 19 vaccine, there is more then enough evidence to declare this is experiment needs to stop, and the ingredients in the vaccines are toxic to human beings.  There have been no reports of this information in the mainstream media in Britain, but America's OAN channel had this:





7th July 2021

The Good Law Project brought a case against Michael Gove and the UK Government for unlawful award of a contract, and the High Court judgement was given on 25th June 2021.


The case was that Michael Gove awarded a contract to Public First, a communications agency, run by an associate of both him and Dominic Cummings.  Making his decision, the Judge said:


'In this case, it is clear to the court that the claimant (Good Law Project) was the overall successful party in the case....it sought a ruling that the decision to award the contract to Public First was unlawful, and the Court has made a ruling to that effect.  Also, it was successful in defeating the Defendant's arguments about standing.'


The Court found Gove's failure to consider any other research agency...would lead a fair minded and informed observer to conclude that there was a real possibility, or a real danger, that the decision maker was biased.'


This vindicates Good Law Project's long held view that the government pandemic procurement was 'institutionalised cronyism'.  Emails produced in Court showed that Gove and No. 10 were keen that Public First should win no-tender polling contracts.  The case was presented by Jason Coppel, QC and Patrick Halliday of 11KBW.

Good Law Project has a similar case pending, due to be heard 26th July 2021.



7th July 2021

In Norway, at least three claims for compensation for injury following the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine have been approved.  Many more claims are expected to be upheld.


The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation (NPE) announced on 2nd July 2021 that it would make payouts to the three claimants.  All suffered severe blood clots. Two were women in their 40's, one of whom died. The third was a man in his 30's, who is still suffering severe immune reactions.


The NPE Director, Rolf Gunner Jorstad, statd that the link between injuries and the inoculation had been established and confirmed by medical staff.  There have been another 74 claims so far, 50 of which are regarding the Astra Zeneca shot, use of which has been suspended in Norway.


In the latest UK Yellow Card report, 1,007,253 adverse events have been recorded and 1403 deaths.  Reporting started in December 2020.



6th July 2021

Dr. Sam White was a General Practitioner in Hampshire, before he resigned.  Following his resignation, he was suspended by the NHS for publicly questioning the Covid-19 protocols.  He engaged the law firm Philip Hyland Solicitors, who are specialists in employment law.  They have written to Sir Simon Stevens, the CEO of NHS England on behalf of their client, together with others.


The accusations made within the letter to Sir Simon Stevens are damning and consist of the following –

  • The MHRA has failed to ensure the vaccine advertising programme meets common law obligations as well as statutory obligations.

  • The MHRA in granting emergency use authorisation for the Covid vaccine failed in their obligation to consider whether there are safe and effective medicines available as an alternative to vaccination.

  •  The MHRA is failing in its obligations in failing either to instruct a bio-distribution study is conducted on those who have been vaccinated or in failing to publish the findings of such a bio-distribution study.

  • Clinicians practising within the NHS are obliged to do two things when administering a vaccine: 1. To do no harm. 2. To obtain the free and informed consent of those being vaccinated. The NHS and the Government have done neither and breach of these principles on free and informed consent is professional gross misconduct at an individual level.

  • At an organisational level if the NHS does not have clear evidence that every person being vaccinated has given free and informed consent it will render those holding executive office within the NHS as legally liable for those institutional failings.

  • Those presenting the information have not publicly declared at the press conferences their financial links to the vaccine industry.

  • Many of those presenting the information to the public are associated with or employed directly or indirectly by organisations who have been financially funded by the Gates Foundation.

  • The MHRA, the UK regulatory body approving the vaccines, has itself been funded by the Gates Foundation.

  • Moderna’s share price has risen from $10 to over $200 5 in the space of eighteen months. Bill Gates and his charitable foundation are significant investors in Moderna6 , one of the companies supplying a vaccine. It should also be noted that Bill Gates has a known association with Geoffrey Epstein.

  • Matt Hancock did not declare to the public that he had a girlfriend and he did not declare that that girlfriend had financial links through her business with PPE and other contracts over which he had responsibility.

  • The public have been informed via press conferences that there was only one medical route out of the pandemic and that was via vaccination. That route is not the only available route. Quicker, cheaper and less risky routes are also available as an alternative to those who have no need or desire to be vaccinated and these routes have been known about for many months.

  • The Government and the NHS has supplied information to the public on the number of infections. That information does not differentiate between individuals testing positive without a Doctor or nurse diagnosing that individual and confirming that they are infected and or are ill with covid, and those individuals testing positive where a Doctor or nurse has diagnosed infection in that individual and has diagnosed that they are ill with covid.

  • A letter from an MP states that the tests used can test for any Winter virus. It is probable therefore that the data presented by the government as infections with coronavirus also includes individuals who have tested positive but the test has failed to distinguish what sort of virus is present and whether that virus is old or recent.

  • The cycle threshold at which the PCR test has been set is too high to give reliable data on infection.

  • The press conferences have heightened the public’s sense of the material risk as the information presented exaggerated the numbers in a material way.

  • There has been no publicity at all at the press conferences that covid is not a High Consequence Infectious Disease.

  • The numbers of hospitalisations of people with covid has been presented to the public at the press conference and then disseminated via news broadcasts. That information has not differentiated between those presenting in hospital with covid illness. those presenting in hospital with another condition who have subsequently tested positive for coronavirus, or whether those hospitalised with coronavirus have caught the infection in hospital.

  • The information presented to the public has also not set out the numbers of people who have recovered from covid.

  • The information has been presented in such a way to make the public think that the material risks are greater than they are. This has either been intentional or grossly negligent.

  • The public are unable to give proper informed consent to vaccination if the material risks have been exaggerated or distorted.

  • The information presented to the public does not differentiate between those dying from Covid, those dying from another condition but who have tested positive within 28 days of death, or those dying from another condition but who have tested positive after death.

  • The public is unable to determine what their material risk is of dying from covid as the numbers of deaths from covid have been exaggerated and are unreliable.

  • The data about risk of dying has also been confused by the fact that Do Not Resuscitate Notices have been used unilaterally without consent and the widespread use of Midazolam during the pandemic in care home settings.

  • The information that has been presented shows that the distribution of risk is uneven. Those under 75 who are healthy are unlikely to die from covid. The risk is asymmetrical. The vaccination roll out has been symmetrical.

  • The Prime Minister of the country in January 2021 described the vaccination roll out as an immunisation programme. That communication gave the public the impression that vaccines would provide immunity. The vaccine trials have been set up have as their trial design and trial protocol to reduce symptoms. The Prime Minister was at best sloppy with his language as the vaccine trial protocols was to test for efficacy of symptom reduction. It should also be noted that the vaccine protocols also refer to the use of PCR tests in the clinical trials, despite those tests’ known unreliability. None of the vaccines provide immunity. None of the vaccines stop transmission.

  • Initially the government said that only those identified as vulnerable should be vaccinated. That then changed. Mr Gates met with the PM before the change in policy, this meeting with Mr Gates was to discuss a global vaccine strategy. Initially the government said that children would not be vaccinated. That then changed. Initially government said restrictions would be released when 15 million people had been vaccinated, that then changed. Initially government said it had no plans for vaccination passports, that then changed.

  • The NHS has provided the Patient Information Leaflet to some patients who are being vaccinated. That Patient Information Leaflet does not present the material risks and the material benefits of the vaccination in an adequate way.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet does not make clear that the vaccines are still in clinical trial.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet does not make any reference to alternatives to vaccination.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet does not make clear that the mRNA vaccines are experimental in that these vaccines have never been used before and there is no data on medium term to long term safety. mRNA vaccines are described by the FDA as gene therapy.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet does not make clear that the clinical trials being run to show the safety and efficacy of the vaccine did not include particular cohorts of people including pregnant women and the very elderly. There is therefore no evidence available to show that they are safe and efficacious for those cohorts.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet does not make clear that the clinical trials are only using people who have not been infected with covid. There is therefore no data on safety and efficacy for vaccination of those who have been infected. Many people who have been infected with coronavirus are also being vaccinated.

  • . The Patient Information Leaflet does not set out the difference between the absolute risk and the relative risk from coronavirus infection.

  • By being vaccinated each individual is reducing their absolute risk of being infected and dying from covid by 1%.

  • The NHS allowed its logo on a series of adverts using celebrities to promote vaccination. It is also alleged that a number of celebrities have been paid to promote the vaccine via their social media.

  • None of the vaccines have received marketing authorisation from the MHRA. So there is a question mark as to whether an emergency use authorised vaccination should be advertised at all as there is very limited number of vaccines to choose from. Advertising of licensed medicines is strictly regulated. The Human Medicines Regulations 201227 make it a criminal offence for licensed medicines to be advertised by celebrities and any advert should notify the viewer what the active ingredient is in the vaccine if there is only one active ingredient. These adverts breach the law.

  • The NHS has taken no steps to distance itself from HM Government’s attempt to fetter every UK citizen’s right to decline any medical intervention.

  • The advertising campaign has placed pressure on people to have a vaccination. In the advertisement it is suggested that vaccination protects other members of a family including the elderly. However free and informed consent means that no one should be under any pressure from any family member to have a vaccination or indeed any medical treatment. The NHS website even states that in its section on informed consent.

  • The vaccination adverts give the impression that the vaccines have been licensed rather than the true position which is that they have been emergency use authorised which is a lower regulatory threshold than licensing.

  • The advertisements infer that the vaccines are safe. Safety is about risks. The adverts make no reference to the risk, however small, of serious adverse events.

The letter makes several other extremely serious accusations which you can read in full here.

Philip Hyland Solicitors also claim in the conclusion of the letter that they have a backlog of NHS whistle blowers to advise with exampled of pressure being placed on employees within care and NHS settings during the alleged Covid pandemic, including exaggerations of Covid bed occupancy and hospitalisation.

Dr Sam White and his solicitors are now awaiting a response from Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of NHS England, the MHRA, Cressida Dick, Sir Lindsay Hoyle and all other recipients of the explosive letter. 



The original Study was withdrawn from the Journal because the results went against the official narrative.  A Scientific Roundtable discussion on masking of children was removed by YouTube for the same reason.  The details of this important subject can be read below and is well worth the 7 minute read:



6th July 2021



5th July 2021

The British Columbia Government apologised after asking Canadians to report on unvaxed family members on a Twitter post.  The post was later deleted, but not before some had ratted on their relatives.  Over 75% of those over 12 in Canada have now received at least one jab.


A survey claimed to show that 40% of Canadians were willing to report on fellow citizens for not complying with Covid-19 measures.  When asked the same question, only 27% of Americans were prepared to admit their willingness.


Just before the Covid-19 pandemic was expected to hit the UK, the government ordered a two year supply of Midazolam.  Midazolam is known as the end of life drug as it calms an anxious patient who is dying and possibly brings a slightly earlier end to their life.  There are strict rules about how and when it is administered.  It can cause breathing problems.


In April, 2020, 38,352 non hospital prescriptions were issued in the UK in April 2020, which is more than double the figure for a similar month in the previous five years, which rarely exceeds 15,000.  It is thought that this end of life protocol was administered to those moved from hospitals back into care homes.

5th July 2021



4th July 2021

Israel was the first country to start aggressive vaccination with the Pfizer Covid-19 jab.

Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, in an interview with the American TV Channel NBC, said:

'I believe Israel has become the world's lab right now because they are using only our vaccination at this state and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices.'


Using coercive measures like the extensive use of the 'vaccination passport', similar to measures mooted in the UK, many people felt compelled to accept the inoculation in order to restore some normality in their life.  However, there has now been a 32% increase in deaths among Israelis in the 20 -29 age group, the Israeli People's Committee reports.


In addition to this, children and adults are getting viral infections which 'usually happens in the winter.'  Dr. Tal Brosh, head of Infectious Disease Unit at the Samson Assuta Ashdal Hospital commented  'We have never seen anything like this.  We've been monitoring viral infections in the hospital which, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in the community, as for each hospitalised patient, there are many more out there.  Since the spring we have been seeing an increasing number of respiratory diseases, and since May, there has been a surge in RSV cases.' (respiratory syncytial virus).



4th July 2021

The whole of Australia currently has 49 new 'cases' of Covid-19, that is, 49 people testing positive with a PCR test.  There were no Covid-19 deaths reported yesterday and there is one person in hospital who tested positive with a PCR test.  To date, there have been 910 people reported to have died of Covid-19, which represents 35 deaths out of every one million people.


The State of New South Wales has just made it mandatory from 9th July 2021 for all schools, places of work, shops and businesses to prohibit entry unless 'checked in' with the track and trace app known as a QR Code.  If someone does not have a smart phone, a member of staff has to be called to manually check them in.  Victoria introduced a similar system a few months ago.



3rd July 2021

This is the title of a recent study of 827 pregnant women by key author, Tom T. Shimabukuro, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  It showed that out of 127 women vaccinated in their first or second trimester, 104 had spontaneous abortion occur before 20 weeks.  


However, the remainder of the 827 pregnant women in the study (i.e. the remaining 700), did not receive vaccination until their third trimester, therefore they were not in the category of women where spontaneous abortion could occur.  In the third trimester, deaths of unborn babies are still births.  By combining the two groups of women, the rate of spontaneous abortion was claimed as 12.6% instead of the 82% in reality.


Shimabukuro has authored other studies into adverse effects of other vaccines.  


In the USA alone, if most pregnant women are vaccinated during the earlier stages, it is possible that live births could be reduced by over three million over the next year.


A link to a letter about this study is below:




3rd July 2021

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has added a warning to mRNA vaccines of potential heart inflammation.  It advises that recipients of the shot need to get immediate medical attention if they experience 'chest pain, shortness of breath, or feelings of having a fast beating, fluttering or pounding heart'.


Heart problems have been linked to the vaccines in more than 1200 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis by mid June 2021 through the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), particularly in young adults and children, and notably higher in males.  There have been similar events in the UK and elsewhere.  In the UK, the government's Yellow Card receives reports of adverse effects.  These reporting systems are passive, and it is thought that the majority of adverse effects go unreported.



2nd July 2021

Between 9th and 10th April 2021, a randomised clinical trial was carried out on 45 children by seven researchers, including Harald Walach, PhD, Ronald Weiki, MD and Juliane Prentice, BA.  Their Research letter was entitled 'Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children.'


The results of the trial showed that within just three minutes, the amount of carbon dioxide exceeded acceptable levels and the younger the child, the more serious the adverse effects.  The letter detailed that many governments around the world have made 'nose and mouth coverings and/or face masks compulsory for schoolchildren' and that the 'evidence base for this is weak'  According to the letter, a large scale survey in Germany of the adverse effects of carbon dioxide inhalation for parents and children wearing facemasks showed that 68% of the 25,930 participating children had breathing problems when wearing face coverings.  Use of two different types of masks had no impact on the carbon dioxide content inhalation.


The link to the report of the study is below:




2nd July 2021

The joint statement by European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) this week called for a ban on the use of biometric recognition, AI based facial, DNA, fingerprint and other recognition technologies in public places.  


'The EDPB and the EDPS call for a general ban on any use of AI for automated recognition of human features in publicly accessible spaces, such as recognition of faces, gait, fingerprints, DNA, voice, keystrokes and other biometric or behavioural signals. Remote biometric identification and in particular, use of AI for such purposes, pose extremely high risks for European society and its values...a general ban is the necessary starting point if we want to preserve our freedoms and create a human centric legal framework for A.I.  The proposed regulation should also prohibit any type of use of A.I. for social scoring, as it is against the EU's fundamental values and can lead to discrimination.'



1st July 2021

One of America's most popular television journalists, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, was horrified to learn that the Biden Administration was spying on him through the National Security Agency (NSA) in a bid to get him de-platformed.


Carlson was approached by a whistle-blower within the government, who warned him and his colleagues that their digital communications were being monitored.  'Ordinarily we'd be sceptical, because its illegal to spy on American citizens.  It's a crime' Carlson said.  'It's not a third world country...things like that should not happen in America....In this case, they did happen.  The whistle-blower who is in a position to know repeated information back to us about a story that we are working on, that could have only come directly from my texts and emails.  There is no other possible source for that information...The Biden Administration is spying on us.  We have confirmed that.'



1st July 2021

The Chief Medical Officer for Nova Scotia, Canada, in an online hearing on Covid-19 recently, was discussing the primary goals of Canada's strict lockdowns.  A listener asked whether Canada banning public gatherings was still necessary.


'I think it's still there.  We still have - bringing large numbers of people together can present some risk - we'll continue to look at that' the Chief Medical Officer replied. 'But I think the other purpose of the injunction is to prevent groups that are deliberately spreading false information that creates risk.'